Wood Bioenergy Update: How Many Gallons of Ethanol per Ton of Wood?

26 05 2010

In the May issue of Wood Bioenergy South, we updated our conversion of gallons of cellulosic ethanol to 40 gallons per green ton of wood.  This change was made based on research from the Department of Energy, which published an ethanol “yield calculator” for multiple feedstock types.  Our thanks to Mike Cooley of Catchlight Energy for pointing us to this reference.

Nationwide, the Forisk Wood Bioenergy database includes over 300 wood-using projects.  Specific to the US South, as of May 25, 2010, our analysis of bioenergy markets indicates:

  • 135 wood-using bioenergy projects have been announced in the US South.
  • In total, these projects represent potential, incremental wood use of 55.9 million tons/year by 2020.
  • Based on Forisk analysis, projects representing 20.3 million tons/year pass basic viability screening.

Click on the figure for the detailed downloadable summary.




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