Practical Guide for Tracking Wood-Using Bioenergy Markets

9 06 2010

Locating, financing, constructing and operating wood-using bioenergy projects go beyond drafting a pro forma and wishing upon a star.  The reality is complicated, difficult and time-consuming.   Last year, we developed a methodology to help forest owners and other wood-market participants assess likely demand from new wood bioenergy projects in their local markets in the future.   This year, the National Alliance of Forest Owners (NAFO) supported a white paper that introduces this tool to policy makers.

The methodology for screening wood-using bioenergy projects focuses on two criteria: technology and status:

  • Technology:  Projects that employ currently viable technology pass the status screen.  These include pelletizing technology and wood-to-electricity projects.  Cellulosic ethanol from wood feedstock, as a developing technology, is not yet considered operational using this approach.
  • Status:  Projects that are operational, under construction, or received or secured two or more necessary elements for advancing towards operations pass the status screen.

The whitepaper and the most recent bioenergy market projection are available here.

The complete NAFO/Forisk press release is available here.




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